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About Us

Engineering Access Control

Boomgate Systems was established in 1998 and we are a manufacturer of Vehicle Access, Pedestrian Access, Parking Control, High Security and Anti Terror Products. Design and manufacturing is done inhouse. Boomgate Systems proudly offers unmatched delivery periods and unmatched warranty period, 7 years for turnstiles and 2 years on vehicle barriers

Designs And Production Management

Over a number of years the company has developed an integrated design and production system that allows complete control over orders, manufacture, testing and dispatch of all their products.

Quality Assurance Policy

  • All goods are tested and supplied with test certificates.
  • Products are subject to our standard quality control and test procedures.
  • Electronic cards are subjected to 24 Hour burn in tests.
  • Test certificates are available on request.
  • Detailed logs are kept of each individual’s input in every job.
  • All materials are purchased from approved vendors and inspected on delivery.

Quality Control

Sourcing of Suppliers
Most of our suppliers have ISO or TUV ratings.

Process Control
We have quality checks in place through our Manufacturing process. Where components are inspected and corrected or rejected before it goes to the next process. We also keep track of the person working on specific components.

Correction and Preventative Action
All our manufactured components are number stamped. This number is linked to an employee. If it is found that the Employee is not following the correct manufacturing procedure, we re-train him in-house. Boomgate Systems also send our Employees for external training with registered facilities.

Goods Receiving Inspection and Testing
All incoming goods are inspected before booking into our Stores. Testing is preferred at a later stage, when components are installed in final product.

Product Approval before Dispatch
Boomgate Systems have Team Leaders in all Departments. The Team Leaders are responsible for Quality Control before dispatch. All products are tested and inspected. The Team Leader will sign and date-stamp each product.

Contingency Plan for Supply to Customer
All completed products are booked into a Dispatch Area. This Area is controlled by a Dispatch Manager, who is present when goods are dispatched. The Dispatch Manager ensures ensures that the correct quantity goes out to the Customer and ensures that the products are properly packaged.

Boomgate Systems always looks at ways of improving the product. We scan the market for better products.

After Sales Service

Our distributors provide customers with a 24 Hour service, providing back up with respect to after sales servicing and repairs to equipment on site.

Training Facilities

Boomgate Systems provide clients with product training seminars to equip their technical staff with the relevant knowledge to install and maintain all our products. We also offer product training to sales representatives to understand the full potential of our products.


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