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Premuim Manufacture of Bollards



Boomgate Systems is an established manufacturer of vehicle and pedestrian access control equipment, high security and anti-terror security products. We have years worth of experience in manufacturing quality products that meet our valued clients’ requirements and are suitable for your security measures. Amongst our extensive range of vehicle and pedestrian access control equipment is bollards.


Turnstiles – The Perfect Crowd Controller


Security is a big concern all around the world due to the constant threat to the safety of people and property every day.  Companies are beginning to recognize the need for better security to create a secure environment and building for staff.  Having control over who enters and leaves your place of business narrows down suspects should there be any crime committed on the premises. 


Traffic Barriers Are the Best Way to Control Traffic Flow

Traffic Barriers

An automatic traffic barrier is designed to serve a straightforward yet very important function. It is also designed to control and regulate the flow of traffic coming in and going out of various properties.  If your business is located in a place that sees a lot of traffic or your concern is mainly on a security front, having traffic barriers installed could be an ideal solution.  Traffic barriers are inexpensive, they work amazingly well, and they are very reliable and Boomgate Systems traffic barriers will save you money in the long term.


How Do Metal Detectors Work

Metal Detectors

A modern day office space has to take specific security measures to protect staff and equipment or machinery.  Metal detectors are assumed to be high risk security and anti-terror products and not necessary for regular offices.  Places like airports, banks, and even clothing shops have this walk through security system for the safety of the people inside a place, and to ensure that company property does not leave the building without authorization.  Metal detectors play a big role in access control and installing them will provide comprehensive protection for your property.


How Access Control Can Save You Money



Controlling access in and out of your building, whether residential or business is not only important for the safety of the residents but also to secure your valuable belongings. Most people want good security but assume that it’s extremely expensive and too high-tech to install. This isn’t entirely true though as there are simple methods that can be used to control access in certain areas.  Electronic access control is a simple and low-tech access control method that requires the use of electronic devices at key entry points. Installing an electronic system can help you save money by improving security, increasing efficiency, and lowering tracking costs.


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