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Premuim Manufacture of Bollards



Boomgate Systems is an established manufacturer of vehicle and pedestrian access control equipment, high security and anti-terror security products. We have years worth of experience in manufacturing quality products that meet our valued clients’ requirements and are suitable for your security measures. Amongst our extensive range of vehicle and pedestrian access control equipment is bollards.

“Bollard” – first time hearing that word? Well, you see them at almost every shopping complex or office building.

Bollards are posts designed to guide traffic and protect a building from vehicle intrusion. They are primarily manufactured to sustain significant vehicle impacts while contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the landscape design.

You often stand next to them while waiting for an Uber as they create a clear visual barrier for drivers. Now there are different types of bollards namely: static bollards, removable bollards and hooped bollards. Lets’ take a closer look at each one individually.

Static Bollards

Static bollards are available in a wide selection of materials, such as mild steel powder coated, mild steel galvanized, brushed s/s304, round or square and flange mount. You also have the option of decorating these barriers to visually complement your  office building or landscape. Boomgate Systems are able to design static bollards that contain stylish features that are suitable for the shape, texture and colour of a building.

Removable Bollards

Removable bollards are the ideal option if you want the freedom of changing access points from time to time. These bollards can be installed with versatile mounting systems which enable them to be easily retracted or collapsed. They are applicable for the following areas:

  • Motor show rooms
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Paraplegic parking
  • VIP Parking
  • City Centres
  • Conference Venues

And more

Hooped Bollards

This type of bollard has many benefits. Hooped bollards are commonly installed in parking lots, sidewalks and residential areas. They can be manufactured from metal, concrete and plastic. Safety, cleanliness, decoration are  the core benefits of installing this type of bollard.

Now you know all the options and benefits of installing a bollard; if you are still not certain whether or not it is the ideal ideal safety equipment for your security measures, have no fear. Contact Boomgate Systems today to speak to one of our friendly consultants about our range of security products and services.

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