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Genius™ Square Shape

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Product Description

icon-pdf Brochure The Pedestrian Barrier is 100% locally manufactured and designed to handle high volumes of traffic and has a 100% duty cycle. The Pedestrian barrier is equipped with a torque motor which lifts the arm through a sinusoidal level system which allows the arm to be locked in an up position. All the electronic equipment is manufactured to ISO 9002 standards. The arm drops down in the event of a power failure. The arm can also be equipped with a 6mm safety glass. The Company logo can be sandblasted on to the glass. The Pedestrian Barrier requires minimum maintenance.


  • To control access in and out of office blocks
  • Can be used for disabled access
  • To control any personnel access
  • The unit is ideal for guarded lobbies and reception areas
  • The unit can also be used in place of manual disabled gates


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