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Single And Double Aluminium Security Booths

Product Description

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Boomgate Systems Access Booth is locally manufactured to international standards. Only top quality graded material & suppliers are used in our manufacturing process. Control logic is supplied to customer’s requirements. Single or double booths are available. All the electronic equipment is manufactured to ISO 9002 standards.


Boomgate Systems Access Booth is designed for controlling access in & out of Post Offices, Banks, Labratories, or any place where pedestrian flow needs to be slowed down and to be controlled.

Technical Specifications

  • Framework: Extruded anodized aluminium
  • Hinges: Dorma pin & bearing adjustable hinges for long lasting & durability
  • Door closer: Imported 2 speed door closer
  • Maglock: 12V DC 300Kg
  • Door Height: 2012mm
  • Glass: 6.5mm laminated safety glass
  • Locking: Slimline magnetic lock
  • Closing: Hyudraulic door closer
  • Ceiling: Removable for access

Control Logic

  • Programmable 11 pin plug-in module
  • Plugs into PC board mounted on powder coated chassis plate with mains CB & connecting terminals
  • Configuration as per customers request


  • 4 x 8mm coach screws for single booth
  • 6 x 8mm coach screws for double booth
  • Booth is mounted directly onto the floor
  • Floor must be 100% level

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