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Traffic Barriers Are the Best Way to Control Traffic Flow

Traffic Barriers

An automatic traffic barrier is designed to serve a straightforward yet very important function. It is also designed to control and regulate the flow of traffic coming in and going out of various properties.  If your business is located in a place that sees a lot of traffic or your concern is mainly on a security front, having traffic barriers installed could be an ideal solution.  Traffic barriers are inexpensive, they work amazingly well, and they are very reliable and Boomgate Systems traffic barriers will save you money in the long term.

Barriers installed on the entrance gate as well as the car park of your premises are an effective tool to control traffic flow which will help keep the building safer for all the occupants.  There is a wide variety of traffic barriers on the market, choosing the one best for you may prove difficult.  At Boomgate Systems, we have every kind of traffic barrier you can think of; we engineer a vast range of traffic barriers for any application.

We provide the following range of traffic barriers:

  • Scorpion High Security Spike Barriers
  • Genius automated barriers
  • Genius automated barriers with battery pack
  • Master manual barriers
  • Low cost manual barriers
  • Manual horizontal swing barriers
  • Concertina barriers (Security Screens)

Here are a few main benefits of installing our traffic barriers:

  • Control and regulate access to the property
  • Security
  • Prevent parking abuse
  • Very low maintenance
  • 100% duty cycle for continuous use
  • BGS barriers have a 10 year life cycle


Installing traffic barriers is a proactive step to reducing the risk of criminals setting foot on your premises; it also creates a safer environment for your business and residence.  If you are looking for high-quality traffic barriers and other security products, Boomgate Systems is where you should begin your search, contact us today.  


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