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Turnstiles – The Perfect Crowd Controller


Security is a big concern all around the world due to the constant threat to the safety of people and property every day.  Companies are beginning to recognize the need for better security to create a secure environment and building for staff.  Having control over who enters and leaves your place of business narrows down suspects should there be any crime committed on the premises. 

Turnstiles are one of the best types of access control systems used in office spaces; they are effective in restricting access to only verified personnel.

Turnstiles provide the following benefits for your property:

  • Improved security

Turnstiles can detect and deter unauthorized entry by providing superior access control to buildings.  They limit the number of people who can enter or exit upon presentation of credentials.

  • Access control integration

Turnstiles integrate with a building’s access control system and work in conjunction with doors, cameras and other security equipment.

  • Operational flexibility

Credential readers can be installed with turnstiles to allow employees and visitors to present their own credentials to gain entry.


Boomgate Systems offers a wide range of excellent quality turnstile access solutions for a variety of applications, and we offer turnstile installation and replacement services.  Our range of turnstiles is stable and reliable; and comes with an unmatched 7 year warranty.  

At Boomgate Systems, we offer the following types of pedestrian turnstiles:

  • Tornado industrial full/half height turnstile
  • Hurricane single biometric reader mantrap full height turnstile
  • Cyclone glass full/half turnstile
  • Twister Euro 3-arm waist height turnstile
  • Twister portable events 3-arm waist height turnstile
  • Twister shopping waist height turnstile


Boomgate Systems turnstiles are a preferred mode of access control due to their efficiency and effectiveness in crowd control; unlike doors, turnstiles are more secure.  We offer modern and stylish turnstile options to suit any office building.

For more information on our pedestrian turnstiles, contact us today!


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