Walk Through Sanitisation Booth



  • Shopping Malls
  • Super Markets
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Mines
  • Commercial/Industrial Use


  • To disinfect people effectively from harmful & contagious viruses, bacteria & fungi.
  • To disinfect parcels & stock entering warehouses & being dispatched from warehouses.
  • Can also be used to disinfect shopping trolleys and baskets.
  • Designed for interior & exterior use.
  • Stand alone unit, portable with adjustable feet. Can be fitted with Castor Wheels.
  • Complete with on/off ramp.
  • Fully automated, fine mist spray triggered by Infra Red Beam. Adjustable spray time.
  • Only the tip of the spray nozzle is visible inside the spray booth, as the rest of the nozzle and the plumbing is protected with steel cover plates. This ensures that the spray nozzle is protected from vandalism and accidental bumping which can cause system failure.
  • The Walk Through Spray Booth has only 12V DC connected to the Walk Through Spray Booth which makes it safe for the users.  No high voltage connected to the spray booth.
  • High quality 220V pump with built in protection.
  • Non slip floor with built in drip tray.
  • Wide opening for easy access with  trolleys, wheel chairs and prams.
  • Two models available: Entry Level and Standard Design as shown.
  • Tank Capacity: up to 260L


  • 100% natural & does not contain any hazardous or toxic chemicals like alcohol, QUATS or chlorine .
  • SABS , EPA , NRCS approved.
  • Safe for clothing, skin and other materials.
  • Disinfects body, shoes & clothes


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